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Episode 1 Vern takes the gold lead.

Verns Track Kit

This is the DOMINATOR® Track System manufactured by American Track Truck in Chassell, Michigan for Vern Adkison, the Wild Ranger, of Nome, Alaska.  Vern needed a track system to transport his crew and gear to and from the dredge location during filming of the reality TV show, Bearing Sea Gold – Under the Ice, Season 3.

In January of 2014 the DOMINATOR® Track System was shipped by air cargo to Nome.  Once arriving, the track system was installed onto a 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 Extended Cab Pickup.  Vern and the crew began running the vehicle right away and contacted American Track Truck to tell them how pleased they were!

Verns Track Truck

Episode One:

Vern Track Truck in Background

Vern Track Truck in Background 2

Vern’s Track Truck appears in the background behind Vern. The truck looks to be hauling a decent payload in one scene.


Vern’s Track Truck parked at camp on the frozen Bering Sea.

truck crop

Vern’s Track Truck transporting the crew across the ice.

transporting items to the wild ranger dredge

Vern’s Track Truck hauling a payload for the Wild Ranger.

gold count

After episode 1 Vern and the Wild Ranger Crew is in the lead with 32.6 oz of gold! This is Vern’s best score to date!